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Study Environment and Facilities

What will my study be like?

Studying this discipline is different to many others. Students will find themselves involved in practical activities such as designing, making models, visiting building sites, landscapes and gardens, visiting art galleries and exhibitions, and absorbing aspects of society in which people live and formulating proposals for improving the enviroment. 

We provide an immersive and interactive learning environment, that provides both high level theoretical knowledge as well as practical hands on experience. Our staff are dedicated to providing our students with an exceptional experience: they constantly seek out new opportunities for travel and practical work experience; provide students the chance to hear from and meet world renowned design professionals; and embed their own cutting edge research into the curriculum; while also reflecting the advancement of knowledge and current thinking in the discipline.

Features of the student experience:

  • Continuous cohort. Architecture students tend to go through their 5 year program with the same cohort, which allows you to really get to know your classmates and build a network while you're still at university.
  • Project based assessment. All assessment is project based, and there are no formal exams in this degree.
  • Mix of academic and industry teachers. Theory and research is the basis of any discipline, and practical experience is equally as important. We engage both leading academics and practising industry professionals to guide our students through their learning.

Special Equipment and Facilities

In 2013 we completed a major addition to our facilities, investing over one million dollars in new equipment to enhance our student's experience. We provide 24 hour access for students to the CAAD Studio and state-of-the-art model making laboratory, which is among one of the best equipped architectural design labs at any university in Australia.

Model Making Laboratory

While many students love to painstakingly build multi-dimensional models by hand, our technologically advanced model making laboratory include the latest prototyping equipment that students can use to create incredibly detailed models for their projects. The lab includes:

  • Two laser cutters to create precise scale models that accurately represent topography, elevation and space. Students can design realistic models using a variety of materials including wood, plastic, glass, stone and more.
  • Two 3D scanners/digitisers that enable students to turn physical objects into digital 3D models that can then be printed in different mediums.
  • One 3D printer that enables students to create realisic models from computer inputs.
  • Nine foam cutters that create models from digital designs and precision cut them out of large pieces of styrofoam.

Getting the chance to create professionally finished models gives students the experience using the tools they will encounter throughout their career.

Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) Studios

The School has two Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) studios that feature industry-standard computational design technologies and the high-end computer software needed to prepare designers for the digital era. These are for the exclusive use of students studying an Architecture and Built Environment degree, so you won't need to compete with other students for access to the computers.

Final Year Studio

Our Final Year Studio is a space dedicated to our fifth year students that simulates an office style environment. There are computers and workstations, and each student has access to their own lockable rolling desk drawers so they can have the freedom to work anywhere in the room but keep their work safe. Students are encouraged to work on their major projects in this space, and it helps that the students don't have to take their models home on the bus just to keep them safe!

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