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How You Can Contribute to the School

Sponship Opportunities

We appreciate all the support and involvement our alumni, industry, government and community provide the School each year.

Supporting the School, means supporting the next generation, your future employees in getting the best education and development possible during their time at university.

There are a number of ways you can support the School, such as reward and financially assist students, while getting involved providing internships and mentoring, helps students by enriching their experience and learning environment.

How can you support the School?

  • Bequests

    Would you like to leave a gift that creates something of everlasting significance and importance? A bequest, or gift by Will, no matter how large or small, is an effective way of providing a permanent legacy which will enable the School to address immediate and changing needs.

    For assistance with specific information and wording, please visit the University's bequest website or contact Sue Fox, Planned Giving Officer.

  • Donations

    We can discuss the capacity in which you would like your donation to be used, be it for students or research, or another case that is meaningful to you, the donor.

    If you would like to discuss a donation to the School, please contact Professor George Zillante, Head of School, or Luke Van Trigt, Alumni Relations Officer (Faculty of Professions).

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships attract high-calibre students from Australia and abroad. They act as an incentive for students to strive for and achieve excellence in their studies. They also provide support for students who might otherwise be unable to take up a university place or complete their study.

    The University of Adelaide recognises that those who are financially or educationally disadvantaged should not be denied access to quality tertiary education. You may wish to provide a scholarship for a student from a rural or regional community, indigenous, a student in financial need, first generation or a top performing student.

    Please contact Luke Van Trigt, Alumni Relations Officer (Faculty of Professions)r, for further information. View current scholarships.

  • Sponsorships

    Each year the School hosts events involving industry, government, community leaders, students and staff. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of you being involved in assisting financially through sponsorship whether for events or other School projects.

    Please contact the School on +61 8 8313 5836 or email for further information.

  • Prizes

    Prizes award students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic courses. Prizes are awarded in a variety of amounts, however we respectfully ask that they be a minimum amount of $500 to ensure they have a significant impact on the student.

    We can help you decide where your financial support is best directed to reflect your connection to the School and industry. Please contact the School on +61 8 8313 5836 or email for further information.

    View past and present student prizes.

If you would like more information about giving to the School or the University, please contact Luke Van Trigt, Alumni Relations Officer (Faculty of Professions)r.

How else can you be involved?

  • Guest Speaking

    We run an annual Speaker Series featuring prominent professionals from all over the world. We invite you to attend this event and network with other industry professionals, and we are always seeking industry professionals to make a presentation to our students and community.

  • Industry Professors

    It is important that our students are taught by practising architects as well as full time academic staff. This enriches their learning and teaching experience and gives our Industry Professors the chance to feed into teaching practices, methodologies and curriculum. They will have the opportunity to connect with the students who could be their future employees, and help to shape the program to ensure that our graduates exit with the skills and experience that the industry needs. The School also has over 50 practising professionals involved in lecturing and tutoring our students.

    "My studies at the University of Adelaide, as well as preparing me for my career in Architecture, helped me develop skills essential for life and work in a professional environment. There was a strong focus on teamwork, leadership, collaboration and ultimately self-development. In recent years I have enjoyed a return to the University to teach, giving me the opportunity to convey some of these values to the future of the profession." STEWART CALDWELL, DIRECTOR, RUSSELL & YELLAND ARCHITECTS
  • Internships

    Can your Organisation provide our students with an internship? Workplace experience is incredibly valuable for students trying to build a career in such a competitive discipline. Internships are not only beneficial to the student, but you are able to introduce quality graduates to your Organisation, and potentially free up other employees to get on with higher level tasks. Interns bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm, as well as the latest knowledge and ideas from their courses, passed on by our Researchers, into your Organisation.

    The internship experience gives students the opportunity to work in a 'proto-professional' role on real-world projects in diverse environments. Communities and Organisations can benefit from the ideas and solutions generated by our students, while students gain valuable experience working with a range of communities, Organisations and individuals in an applied setting.

    Internships cost nothing except your time. If you would like to discuss providing our students with an internship, please contact our Internship Course Coordinator, Dr Sam Ridgway.

  • Mentoring

    Some students seek career mentors to help them both understand and break into the industry. There are also professionals who are looking for ways to give back to the community. If you have the willingness and capacity to mentor a student, we can help to connect you to one another.

  • Onshore and Offshore Studios

    The Studios are interactive study tours that students undertake as part of their studies. They take place around Australia (onshore) and overseas (offshore), and in some cases may involve community outreach programs.

    Alumni involvement is also important to the success of the Studios. Alumni can play a vital engagement role welcoming the Studio leader and class to their city or town, and showing them around a site or urban environment.

    The School absorbs a high portion of the cost in order to provide students with equitable Studio experiences. Costs may include accommodation, travel, cultural competency training, and any required clearance checks and certificates.

    If you or your Organisation would like to help support our Studio program, whether directly or in-kind, please contact the School on +61 8 8313 5836 or email for further information.

  • Open Day

    The University's annual Open Day is a chance for prospective students to come and see what the program is all about. Prospective students also value hearing from people actually in the career they are considering, so they can decide if it's really the right choice for them. We welcome any alumni or industry professionals who are keen to be part of Open Day and share their experience with the next generation of architects, landscape architects and urban designers.

  • The Plan

    The School of Architecture and Built Environment proudly supports The Plan, a weekly architecture and design talk show on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm.  The show discusses "all things architecture, environment and affect and gets a conversation going on integrated design issues and practices in and around Adelaide. Weekly features will profile local designers, practices and thinkers from all corners of the built environment."

    The Plan is co-hosted by our Masters graduate and Phillips Pilkington prize winner John Byleveld, and lecturer Dr Jo Russell-Clark.

If you would like more information about being involved with the School or the University, please contact the School on +61 8 8313 5836 or email for further information.

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