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About the Conference

The Architectural Science Association, formerly called Australia New Zealand Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA), was founded in 1963 by Professor Henry (Jack) Cowan, Derrick Kendrick, and other architectural science academics to enable them to meet, discuss, and exchange information about their research and teaching. Initially an association for architecture schools in Australia and New Zealand, more than 50 years later ASA (ANZAScA) has become an international organization with members from all continents across the globe, serving as an open, international, interdisciplinary forum to promote high quality research, practice and education in environmentally sustainable design.

In celebrating the 50th conference of ASA (ANZAScA) it is therefore timely if we ask, ‘Has the association consistently promoted high quality architectural science, theory and practice to teaching and research in architecture schools?’; ‘Does the work by our architecture graduates reflect the vision and mission of this association?’; and more importantly, ‘Do we now have better built environment, more responsible architecture, and more environmentally sustainable design, than we did 50 years ago?

The 50th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association (ASA (ANZAScA)) Conference to be held at the University’s North Terrace campus, Adelaide, South Australia, invites architectural science and design researchers, educators, and students to present their critical thoughts, discuss new ideas, and engage in this timely debate:

“Fifty years later: Revisiting the role of architectural science in design and practice”

The conference will discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities arising from contemporary issues such as:

  • What are the contemporary issues that architectural science researchers and educators should focus on?
  • What are the real impacts of applying the knowledge explored in architectural science as implemented in various design advice, building codes and standards, on the quality of our built environment?
  • How should architectural science researchers and educators respond to increased urbanisation, higher density living, and increased awareness of sustainable living?

The theme and sub-themes above can be explored in a number of specific themes or topics, such as:

  • Theory, philosophy and methodology in architectural science
  • Architectural science and the society
  • Architectural science and urban design / landscape architecture
  • Architectural science and building design
  • Architectural science and historic preservation
  • Architectural science and design education
  • Architectural science and digital design
  • Architectural science and design assessments
  • Architectural science and modes of production
  • Architectural science and space quality (thermal, visual, aural)
  • Architectural science, construction and technology
  • Architectural science, practice and industry

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