The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset

About the project

We don't know enough about the condition of Australia’s housing. In the nearly two decades since the last Australian Housing Survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics there have been significant changes in the housing system. The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset (AHCD) responds to a pressing need for a reliable and up-to-date housing conditions data infrastructure. This initial wave is focused on New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, however additional work to build upon, adapt and apply the AHCD research protocols to different population groups and locations is encouraged. The AHCD and research protocols will be accessible through the Australian Data Archive in late 2018.

The AHCD provides:

  • An infrastructure of tools, data, and protocols for Australian researchers and policymakers;
  • A foundation for evidence-informed research on Australia's housing conditions; and
  • Essential evidence required to address the real and chronic housing needs of vulnerable Australians, and maximise social and economic participation in society.

The project is funded by the Australian Research Council (LE160100056) and The University of Adelaide, in partnership with The University of South Australia, The University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Swinburne University of Technology and The University of New South Wales. The project is led by Associate Professor Emma Baker at The University of Adelaide.

For details of survey methodology, questionnaire design, response rates and frequencies, please view The Australian Housing Conditions Data Infrastructure: Technical Report.

  • Research Team

  • Housing condition interviews: April 2017- February 2018

    As a continuation of the “Housing Conditions Survey” work undertaken in August and September 2016, we are conducting a number of in-person interviews with people that responded to the initial survey. We hope that these interviews will assist us in gaining a more detailed understanding about the particular housing conditions reported in the survey.

    The upcoming research will comprise of around 60 interviews with households across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. We are selecting a range of households that reported different types of housing conditions so that we may be able to understand their specific housing conditions in more depth. The type of questions that we will ask will be similar to the initial survey, focused on:

    • Major building problems and their impacts;
    • How well your dwelling meets you and your household’s needs; and
    • Things that you may like to see improved or changed.

    The information collected from these interviews will form a report that will accompany the dataset produced from the initial “Housing Conditions Survey”. The information provided during the interview will be combined with other participants' responses and reported as a whole. No individual responses will be identified. All personal contact information collected (i.e. name and contact numbers) and held by the University will be confidential and will not be identified in the research. If participants wish to access any personal information held or collected by the University you can do so by contacting the researchers via telephone or email.

    There are no foreseeable risks involved with the participation in this project nor are there any immediate benefits. Participation in the interview is completely voluntary. If you agree to participate, you can withdraw from the interview at any time. This study has received ethical approval (see Participant Information Sheets below for complete details).

    If you have questions or problems associated with the practical aspects of your participation in the project, or wish to raise a concern or complaint about the project, please consult the research team via the details listed in the relevant Participant Information Sheet accessible below.

    Participant Information Sheets

    South Australia: UniSA participant information sheet

    Victoria: RMIT/Swinburne participant information sheet

    NSW: UNSW participant information sheet